Lawn Leveling

Ever wonder how leveling your lawn would be done?

Pretty simple really. We have the tools and more importantly, the knowledge to get it done correctly. Most of the time it’s because from when the house was built it was done very roughly with a bulldozer. Or over the years other work around the yard was done leaving it very uneven,

What we do. First, we remove anything sticking up like big rocks and tree stumps. Then with a special attachment known in the business as a “Harley Rake” is attached to our track loader that will cut down and plain the ground. At the same time, it removes all the rocks.

After your lawn is Harley raked we use a land lever that will incorporate highs and lows to make your lawn even more level. Or a better choice of words, flat.

Not all the time, but if fresh topsoil is needed we would spread a layer of topsoil on top of your freshly leveled ground. Now keep in mind topsoil isn’t really cheap these days, so we only recommend this when it’s really needed. How many inches, really depends on the lawn your looking for. I would recommend at least two inches.

Grass seed, if needed we can spread grass seed and cover it with hay. But many homeowners decide to save some money and plant their own grass. But remember no matter who spreads the seed it needs to be watered every day and to stay moist in order for it to work,